What added value does a digital detox cruise weekend offer?
– you will join a group of like-minded people and enjoy opportunities to meet new fellow travelers, and because none of you is engrossed in the virtual world, you will spend quality time off-line and in this way establish future real-life friendships;
– you will be informed beforehand where onboard you can join the others in board games, plan excursions and entertainment at upcoming destinations along the itinerary, read a book, engage in meaningful conversations, or do nothing at all;
– you will be able to join sports games and competitions organized by members of the group;
– you will be able to join the social evening dinners in an area of the main restaurant, reserved just for you;
– you will receive an invitation and subsequent access to a private Facebook group, where you will meet your future group fellows and discuss plans for the cruise. This group will be activated a month before the departure.
Prices below are per person and include the current cruise fare, participation fee, and port charges. A service charge will be debited by the cruise line onboard at the end of the cruise. Any shore excursions, specialty ship dining, as well as some onboard services will be charged separately. There are no hidden fees or expenses. We accept bank transfers in EUR, GBP and USD, as well as credit/debit card payments and PayPal transfers in EUR.


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