I am not addicted to my tech devices. Why should I join?

As I think about it, maybe I really am a heavy tech user. But why should I join? I could go on a cruise on my own...

Yes, I admit that the idea for a digital detox cruise holiday is a good one, but I really cannot imagine being off-line for several days! What should I do?

But why a cruise!? Why don't we go in the woods, a deserted island or to a place where there is no wifi coverage at all?

What shall I expect from this new holiday concept? What does the usual day look like?


Hmmm... Sounds good, but I am more of an introvert and do not like meeting many new people at once. What kind of people am I likely to meet? Where are they from?

We have kids. Can we join the group?

Do you accept solo passengers?


I see that you are not a local company from my own country! I am a bit afraid to transfer you money since I do not know you...

How could I be sure that I have a confirmed booking with the cruise line?

Are there going to be other people onboard the ship besides our group?

I cannot find my question listed here!


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