Digital Detox: Do I Need It?

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Digital Detox Anonymous

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If you think that a digital detox is inconceivably hard,  the more you are in need of it – time has come to bite the bullet and accept you need to do something about it. If you live in a technologically developed country, in a hyper-connected present-day digital society, you would probably need to begin with digital detoxification. Roughly half of the people in these countries are constant checkers of their e-mails, social media accounts and text messages. Repeatedly checking for new notifications on your device can have a major negative impact on your physical and mental health. Just remember, that your social media feed is not real, that your virtual life is just that – virtual.



Do I have a problem?

You might if:

  • You do not usually read the articles from beginning to end. Multitasking online can inhibit your ability to filter information and to relate to others. Maybe it is about time to refocus. Consider your use of electronic devices.

  • After several hours in front of the screen, does your vision goes blurry? If so, this is a potential risk to your eyes. Maybe it is time to reevaluate your digital life?

  • Are there moments when you cannot make up your mind? Readily available electronic information like navigation, contacts, applications, shopping, is sometimes too much of a good thing. You are bombarded by new products and choices, and the ads aim to play on your emotions. As a result, your ability to think analitically is damaged. Perhaps it is time to reassess your daily digital habits.

  • Are you likely to be in front of a screen just before bed? If so, there is a serious risk your sleep will become interrupted, inefficient and superficial soon. Maybe you have to do something about it before sleep deprivation takes its toll?

  • Do you compare yourself to others on using social media? The result could seriuosly erode your self-image and self-confidence. Isn’t it time you re-evaluated social media use and its influence on your life?

  • Do you obsessively check your emails during weekends or while on holiday? This habit will help neither you nor the ones around you to relieve stress and relax. Maybe you should rethink the way you spend your time off?

  • Do you feel annoyed when the WiFi goes down? There is an entire real world, full of new experiences, outside the virtual one. Maybe you should explore and experience it more.

  • Do you sleep next to your phone and look at it first thing in the morning?

  • Do you feel frustrated when you have spent long hours on-line and consequently have no time for anything else?

  • When off-line, are you afraid of missing out on what’s happening on Facebook or elsewhere online?

If you answered yes to most or all the questions, then

YES, you need to re-evaluate the way you use technology and the amount of time you spend in front of the screens

YES, you need a technology cleanse

YES, you need a digital detox.

Fortunately, we are here to offer you a solution. It has been proved, that in order to achieve results, an activity-based holiday works best. We invented the concept “digital detox cruise”. A trip chock-full with fun activities designed to lead you away from the world of digital addiction and into the world of real and worthwhile relationships and fun.

So take this step and transform your life and take back control of it in order to get your freedom back.


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