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There are two major parts in the Digital Detox Cruise equation: the Cruise Industry one and the Digital Detox one. If you could manage to find the right recipe to combine them, you could start delivering successful, useful, and memorable digital detox cruise holidays. After changing the initial concept four times, we believe we have found the right solution.

We have been professionally involved full time in the cruise industry since 2007, having built up and operating one of the leading cruise holidays booking sites in Bulgaria (EU): CRUISE.BG.¬†We enjoy the top level cruise expert status of “Cruise Master”, awarded to us by the Cruise Lines International Association UK & Ireland.

The idea of “Digital Detox” was born around 2010-2011. Since then, a number of internet sites and books have been published, based on research carried out mainly in Western/Northern Europe, USA and Australia. We follow the subject quite closely in order to extract the important details and incorporate them into cruise holidays. The challenge is to keep everything as simple as possible.


Why should you select us?

If what you have read so far has not yet convinced you to choose us as your digital detox experience guide, consider that:

  • we help guests stay away from their devices while onboard and ashore;

  • we ensure that family members, friends and business associates have a constant connection with the respective digital detox guest during the cruise in case of an emergency;

  • we select the cruise ships, destinations, itineraries and period of travel;

  • we manage the cruise bookings, documentation and payments;


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