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Why not a cruise?

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Active or adventure holidays are the best option when it comes down to implementing a digital detox programme successfully. Research states that in order not to be tempted to constantly reach for your devices, you need to keep your mind occupied with something exciting, engaging and rewarding. Well, we think that a cruise trip exactly matches these requirements.
The daily change of destinations, the endless diversity of tourist hot spots you visit, the multitude of itinerary options, the attractions and activities that each one of these offers, the high standard of ship service and the new people you get to meet (and befriend) are all some of the elements that add up to the success of both your digital cleanse and your vacation.


During days ashore, you will be able to visit locales and try new experiences of your choice. As these outings will most likely be with tech-free fellow companions, they will be free from telephone calls, notification beeps, constant email and social media alerts, etc. Our goal is to help you create a digital-less and stress-free environment. You will soon notice how people, your companions, will look at you when you talk (and not at their phones). They will be truly focused on the new experience – the destination, the newly met friends, the food and drinks – on the present!
During days at sea, guests are free to get take part in the activities aboard as much or as little as they wish. Some prefer to bring playing cards or a favorite board game and to gather in small groups in the cafes, the lobby areas or near the pools on the lido deck (the ship’s top deck); others prefer the company of a (paper, of course!) book on their private balcony or in a chaise on one of the open decks. Some get involved in sports activities; others take advantage of the many self-enrichment or entertainment opportunities aboard. The possibilities are endless. We bet you will not have the time to get bored!
Every day around noon, a meeting will be scheduled for those onboard. In this way, all who have not joined a shore trip or have chosen not to go ashore by themselves, will have the opportunity to meet and to exchange plans with other cruise guests. This is an easy and convenient way to find new companions for onboard activities, sports, board games, etc.
At dinner, you will enjoy the company – and the full attention! – of your fellow tech-free table companions. No intrusive phone calls, no barrage of emails, no messeges, no computer games, etc. Just think of it – a week or so of delicious food shared in pleasant company and accompanied by lively conversation!


No screens! We mean it

To maintain the tech-free environment in the group and the digital detox cruise holiday concept, everyone is kindly asked to switch off and place their electronic devices in the personal safe box in their cabin. The same applies to the TV remote control in the stateroom. We will not be collecting the gadgets from the guests, but we expect everybody to co-operate with this requirement during the cruise! The only exemption to this policy is for the digital cameras (not the smartphone built-in ones), which guests can bring along with them at all times.

You are covered!

Eeach digital detox cruise guest will have the peace of mind that they are not disconnected from the outside world during the tech-free vacation. A representative from will be onboard the ship and will service a 24/7 emergency telephone line. The phone number will be distributed to everyone from the group well before the departure date, in order to be further sent to family members, colleagues and friends. In an emergency situation at home, each guest’s VIP contacts can call this number and ask for an immediate connection to the respective group member. Day or night, the representative will call the guest’s cabin phone number, visit it on the spot or find the person onboard. From that point on, the guest can take out their mobile phone from their personal safe box in the cabin, switch it on and establish direct communication.

Before & After

It will not be easy for most people to just switch off their devices and stow them away for several days! That is why consider youself enrolled in your personal digital detox programme the day we confirm your booking! From that moment on, up until departure you should gradually decrease your screen time day after day, week after week. Uninstalling the less important apps, limiting the notifications, beeps and message alerts, carefully planning when to check e-mails and social media accounts, and generally becoming mindful when to use your cell phone will ensure a couple of hours off per day – a good beginning. Optimising TV time, setting time restrictions for digital work hours and completely eliminating screen time before bed will help you get in digital-less shape. Introduce nights off. Step by step, hours off will turn into mornings or afternoons off, into entire days off, into weekends and long weekends off. Before departure each guest will already have improved their digital self discipline, become more mindful on their tech usage habits and be ready for a number of days of screen-free life.
After the digital detox cruise, all guests will of course gradually return back to their everyday life, but with a much better developed awareness of the use of technology. This experience will be memorable and will have a lasting positive effect on your life, including physical and mental health. Sharing it with your loved ones and close friends and relatives will make it even more beneficial, as will repeating it every once in a while.

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